Tooth Filling (Dental Restoration)

One of the most common procedures in dentistry is a treatment of restoring the tooth structure (tooth filling). Nowadays it is made of composite materials (aesthetic filling) that can faithfully imitate the appearance of the tooth. Unlike amalgam fillings (black), apart from aesthetics, they also benefit from preservation of hard tissue of the tooth. Specifically, only one part of the dental structure is removed during the composite filling and healthy dental tissue in not removed.

The main reason for fillings is the cavity. It is important to know that maintenance of dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist (at least twice a year) significantly reduces the formation of cavities. If the cavity is revealed in time, much more of a healthy dental tissue remains, and in this way the tooth strength and function is preserved. If it is not detected in time, the tooth decays, the cavity spreads and then the endodontic treatment is required, and in the worst case, the extraction. With regular check-ups you extend the life of your teeth.


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