Implants are a revolution in dentistry. They represent the best way to replace a previously removed one or more teeth. These are titanium replacements that are placed in the bone and actually replace the root of the tooth. Implants are the best quality solution in modern dentistry and unlike dental bridges, where mostly healthy teeth have to be grinded, they allow that adjacent teeth remain intact. Titanium is a biocompatible material and it coalesces with the surrounding bone. Implant placement is a painless and safe operation that the dentist performs using local anesthesia. At the end of the procedure, each patient is provided with the necessary medication with a detailed explanation of the correct oral hygiene maintenance after placing the implants.


All on 4 and All on 6 represent the fixed prosthetic treatment on four or six implants. Such treatment is performed within three days. A temporary prosthetic denture is made with screws that are replaced by a permanent prosthetic replacement after coalesing of the implant with the bone (four to six months). An important requirement for this procedure is a quality bone volume.


It is a type of prosthetic treatment that is mainly made on four implants, placed in the lower or upper jaw. It consists of a metal (titanium, cobalt-chrome) bar that is tightened on four implants and prostheses that clings to the existing metal bar. The work is semi-fixed because the prosthesis is completely fixed and stable in the mouth, but can be removed for a good oral hygiene during the day. It is very pleasing for the patient, because it is made in the upper jaw without an artificial palate, which is not the case with classic total dentures.


If the volume of bone is not satisfactory for the All on 6 immediate prosthesis (made in 24-72 hours), a fixed prosthetic treatment is done on six or eight implants. After placing the implants, we wait between three and eight months to complete the final fixed treatment. The waiting period depends on the condition of the bone and the position of the sinus: sometimes the bone is too weak and it is necessary to do the augmentation of the bone or in the case of bone loss it is necessay to perform a sinus lift procedure. In the period of osteointegration of implants (coalesce of implants with the bone), a classic denture is made for the patient as a temporary solution.


When placing the implant, the most important factor is good and quality bone in which the implant will be integrated. The bone loss may be the biggest problem when placing the implants. This deficiency is most common in the back zone of the upper jaw. Sinus lift represents replacement of the bone by raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus. In some cases, the implant can be places simultaneously with the lifting of the sinus and bone replacement. In the case of large resorption or large bone loss, however, after the sinus lifting and bone replacement, we have to wait six to eight months to let the bone recover and then place the implant.


When we mention the bone volume, we mean a certain width and bone height required for implant insertion. If this volume is smaller than necessary, the bone reconstrucion (substitution) should be done. This process is called bone augmentation. As with the sinus lift, the bone defect may be bigger or smaller. If smaller, the implant can be placed simultaneously with the bone reconstruction. If the defect is bigger then bone reconstruction is performed first and after four to six months the implant is placed.


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