Dental Prosthetics

Prosthetics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with replacement of lost or damaged teeth, which helps to create and highlight the beauty of your teeth. Here we include dental crowns, bridges, complete or partial dentures. We divide them in mobile, fixed or combined solutions. Prosthetics is a lady of dentistry.


Dental crowns are the most common dental substitutes. The dental crown is a cap shaped like a real tooth, which is laid on a previously worked tooth for the purpose of its protection. This ensures the size, shape and tooth strength, along with beautification, adapted to each patient. After processing the tooth, here we are thinking of shaping, sometimes root canal treatment and/or reconstruction, it may be sensitive to external stimuli, which is why temporary crowns are made to protect the tooth while the final dental crown is not finished.

When are they necessary?


Protection – to protect the weakened tooth (large filling, root canal treated, …) due to the great possibility of fracture of such a tooth that can ultimately end with extraction


Aesthetics – to reapir the damaged tooth, poor shape and/or loss of natural tooth color


Replacement – as a dental replacement on a pre-placed implant

Types of dental crowns


Metal-ceramic crowns – those crowns are metal-based and the entire outer part of the tooth is covered with ceramics. Metal as a base enhances the endurance of the crown.


Zirconia-ceramic crowns – those crowns are characterized by high strength, superior aesthetics and excellent mechanical characteristics.


All-ceramic crowns – those are characterized by top aesthetics and minimal tooth grinding is required when preparing it for this kind of crown.


The dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic replacement on the teeth and/or implants that permanently replaces the lack of one or more teeth. With dental bridge, the patient gets the functional balance and jaw aesthetics. It prevents tilting of the adjacent teeth in the emptied space of the previously removed tooth and prevents the tooth from the opposite jaw to fall into the same emptied space, which would thereby disrupt the functional balance of the jaw. It is permanently cemented and naturally fits into the chewing system of the patient. It is made of metal-ceramic or zirconia-ceramic crowns.


Ceramic shells (Veneers) are a minimally invasive prosthetic procedure for the purpose of aesthetically shaping the tooth. It is a thin ceramic shell that is attached to the front of the tooth. Because of the high level of aesthetics they provide, they are very popular in the world and are responsible for the so-called Hollywood smile. Not all the teeth are „candidates“ for veneers. By fundamental analysis and a treatment plan, it is decided which patient is the candidate for making dental veneers. Their great advantage is minimal tooth grinding of only the frontal surface of the tooth. With veneers we can change the shape and color of the tooth.



We differentiate between complete (total) or partial mobile denture.


Total prostheses are made of acrylic material and are used in the case of a complete edentulism. They cover the whole upper or lower jaw and lie directly on gingiva.


Partial dentures are made of wironit and acrylic materials and are used with partially edentulous patients. They are linked with special attachments to the remaining teeth in the jaw and they together form a functional unit. They are also used as a temporary solution in the process of prosthetic therapy.


Wironit denture with attachments is a combined work of bridge and denture. The denture is firmly and securely fixed to the bridge with special attachments. It is used in cases of a partial edentulism. Transition from the bridge to the denture is not visible, but acts as a harmonious dental arch. The denture is removed daily and cleansed as needed, while the bridge remains fixed in the mouth.


Wironit telescopic prosthesis is also used in cases of a partial edentulism. Every tooth has its own telescopic crown (in metal or gold) which anchors the denture on top of them. Telescopic crowns are the carriers of the denture and they give it strength and stability. It is removed for cleaning as needed.


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