Aesthetic Dentistry


Mock up/Wax up is a production of wax models in the laboratory, based on the impression of the existing situation in your mouth. It allows the alignment of patients’ wishes and real possibilities for developing a prosthetic replacement. The patient has the opportunity to see the result of the work before beginning to grinde the teeth, and if there are any changes to be done, they can be recorded and applied in the final work.

From a wax model made in laboratory based on a patient’s picture, the teeth are replicated with composite materials to the existing condition in the mouth, allowing the patient to see in the mirror doing different facial expressions. This is a very effective diagnosis when making esthetic crowns and veneers on the frontal teeth. However, such type of diagnosis depends largely on clinical examination and is not always possible.


Gingivectomy is a surgical procedure used to remove excess tissue of the gingiva. This procedure is used when the flesh around the tooth is sore or necrotic.


Gingivoplasty is the surgical formulation of gingiva tissue that gives gums a natural look. This type of procedure corrects genetic malformations and asymmetries, as well as unequal length of tooth.


In aesthetic medicine, hyaluronic fillers are one of the most popular aesthetic treatments. They are biocompatible and biodegradable, and side effects, such as allergic reactions, are extremely rare. They are intended for the treatment of all facial areas. We use them to remove wrinkles or prevent them from occuring. With these fillers we adjust dark circles under eyes, lips, cheeks, nose and facial contours. The procedure is very simple and there is minimal pain during the process. After the treatment with fillers it is recommended not to expose to the sun nor to press the part of the face that has been treated.


Ceramic shells (Veneers) are a minimally invasive prosthetic procedure for the purpose of aesthetically shaping the tooth. It is a thin ceramic shell that is attached to the front of the tooth. Because of the high level of aesthetics they provide, they are very popular in the world and are responsible for the so-called Hollywood smile. Not all the teeth are „candidates“ for veneers. By fundamental analysis and a treatment plan, it is decided which patient is the candidate for making dental veneers. Their great advantage is minimal tooth grinding of only the frontal surface of the tooth. With veneers we can change the shape and color of the tooth.


Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that is used to change the color of the teeth making them lighter for couple of shades. In the Mirakul Dental Center for tooth whitening we use Opalescence Boost gel. The treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes. It is important to mention that it is necessary to consult the dentist before treatment because for each patient an individual approach is applied and the dentist must assess whether whitening is the right treatment for the patient.

Before dental whitening treatment, it is necessary to remove the plaque and polish the teeth. Two weeks after the treatment, it is recommended to avoid consumption of coffee, red wine, black tea and cigarettes.


With cleaning, we remove tartar, plaque and shades caused by food and / or smoke. The amount of tartar formation on the teeth is individual and depends on the content of saliva, eating habits, maintenance of oral hygiene, tobacco consumption, etc. We recommend doing this every 6 months, and if necessary even more often. If the dental plaque is not cleaned regularly, gingivitis can develop and become periodontitis. In the end, that can result with the loss of the tooth. Therefore, cleaning is a preventive treatment.
With dental sanding, interdental spaces and those parts that are unreachable are well cleaned from dark spots. The natural color and the polish are restored to the teeth.
Both treatments are painful.


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